Thursday, December 18, 2008


One may be good at English or always gets good scores in every test, yet there is no guarantee that he can communicate well, especially in English. Quite often we find out that he has problems in English conversation. There are some solutions to solve this problem. Here I will give you several ways how to improve your skill in daily conversation.

Vocabulary is something important when you have a conversation. We cannot speak well unless we have enough vocabulary by having recitation exercise everyday. Start to remember at least five words a day and try to make sentences based on the vocabulary.
Be sure to let somebody who has good English to help you to check your sentence in case you make mistakes.

In our surroundings there are many radios which have some English programs. Listen to them regularly and don't be shy to be one of their participants. This can add not only to your knowledge but also new friends. Thus, you can talk and have pleasant conversation with them.

If you already have found partners to talk, don't ever stop talking to them. Whenever you meet or phone them, try to start conversing in English with them. For example, you ask their hobbies, daily activities and family condition.

May be for the first or several times you listen to English news or read English magazine such as HELLO. It would be hard at first to understand what you hear but don't give up. I assure you that such activities will certainly help you improve your English. You will be accustomed to the pronunciation. Moreover you will catch the idea and understand the meaning at last.

you can initiate or join a conversation club which has already existed in your surroundings. In case you have to start your own club, just five or six members are enough to begin with. Be sure, however, to run the meeting regularly, once a week or twice a month at least. Find nice topics to discuss. For example, pollution problems, AIDS, or actual topics taken from the paper. You can also take undated articles taken from English magazines such as HELLO.

Reading will certainly widen your horizon and enrich your English vocabulary. When learning English (or whatever), the saying goes that practice makes perfect. Accordingly, the more you read, the better English you will have. One thing for sure, only when you find interesting topics for discussion will your club be able to survive. To close this article I would like to remind you that to organize an English club is just the beginning, to have a regular meeting is a progress and to survive is a success.

(It is written for whoever learning English speaking especially my students. May it be useful!)

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  1. I think it's very well supported for junior high and could be further developed a passion for mastering English, as most prefer the same fear that the English language. especially me and my friends