Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Materialistic and consumtive life in this globalization era has supported women to get job fulfilling the family's necessary. The same degree among men and women demands women in public sectors to appear the social statues which they call as "Career Woman." Women feel that they have the same right as men to get job, survive n make better their life without depending on the others. But without realized, this social statues which is prouded by women, rises the new problems. It is proved that there are many career women not to want to get married early. They feel more enjoyable and independent in their care life. The other problem is for women who have had family which is often not harmonious. The relation between husband and wife is going the distance because of less meeting and communication. The children also get a little attention and affection from their parents especially mother. So, sooner or later most of their family is in broken home.
The fact, women are not forbidden to get job. Alloh SWT decrees: "Don't be jealous to everything given by God to a part of you which is more than the other part of you. For men, there are part of it from what they effort and for women are also part of it from what they effort" (QS An-Nisa': 32).
If it is appropriate of God's will, women may do everything outside. So, if they want to get job, they must select the kinds of job which do not need much time and they must be responsible as a wife and also as a mother for their family unity.

So...For my candidate of husband, what will you plan to me in the future to be your good wife? That's sure I can appreciate you, but I wish, don't cut my creativities!!!

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